Rugby Children's Contact Centre


The Rugby Contact Centre is a charity, and we are solely reliant on donations to continue offering the service. In the last financial year it cost over £7,500 to run the centre, which is an average of approximately £150 per session We therefore have had to introduce a small referral fee to ensure we can continue to provide this service.

Many other Contact Centres charge parents for the visits. This includes referral fees, charges for letters and charges for attendance reports.

At the Rugby Contact Centre we charge £25 for an initial referral, and if your family use the Rugby Contact Centre for more than 6 months we would ask your family to pay a further £25 fee. We ask that this fee is shared equally, so we are asking that you pay a fee of £12.50.

We understand that everbody's financial circumstances are different, and we do not want to prevent a child seeing a parent because of the referral fee can not be paid. Therefore if you do not feel that you can afford to pay this charge please contact Trisha Parrish to discuss it further.

Please note that payment of our charges will need to be paid before the visits can start.